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Microsoft Norway is searching for full-time gamers to work for them, playing Xbox 100 hours a week! I'm not sure of the salary, but it sounds sweet. 200 people has already filled in form for the job, one of my friends included.

ha! Interesting job is kind of an understatement :P But I wonder what they pay for 100 hours a week. That's a whole lot of gaming. That comes up to 14 hours a day if you include weekends, and 20 hours a day if you don't O_o I like to game, but damn! haha Interesting indeed ;)

Actually, it would be a little too much for me. I like to play video games, but sort of independent, if there's people relying on me playing, the "spark" for gaming disappears for me. Even so, I have to say it would be a cool job to have nonetheless.

If I was single and didn't have Blake... I would take that in a heartbeat. But I am happy with the wifey and kid

Same here, I'd apply if I wasn't hitched. What NES-Rule! Said applies, too, though. Having to do gaming as a job, especially that many hours? I'm not sure if I'd lose interest or not. That's why I quit working in restaurants--I didn't want to lose my interest in cooking, and with the turd bosses I had, the spark was dying fast.

Is it really 100 hours a week and not in a month?

That much time per week seems a BIT much.

Basically I'd love to play for work. I wonder what the salary is per hour...

Yep, you got it. 100 hours a week. I didn't get to know the salary, because they didn't include it in the advert. What they did say though was: "We want streetwise, young people to play games for us, and keep us updated on what's going on in the gaming world." Who knows, maybe you even get some of the games you work with.