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Do you have a problem cartridge or CD game in your collection that constantly gives you trouble?
For example:
I own a SMB3 cart like this. Every time I put the cartridge in, it gives me the "randomly generated lines" routine, and sometimes they eventually clear up. One day It played totally clear, and then in the middle of play, the dumb lines came up! They clearedup and after itdid, the game garbled and froze.

This cart owns my sanity.

wow, that's really weird, my SMB3 cart does that too

ha, this must be an SMB3 thing :P That's the same damn game that messes up on me before any other game. Here lately the only game I had freeze up on me was Golgo-13, but it didn't do any line crap like SMB3... it just froze. That's weird :/

Weird. My copy of SMB3 is the one I have the least problems with!
I notice a lot of NES Games are like old cars--once they get 'warmed up,' the trouble goes away. But the absolute hair-ripping carts I have for freezing, screen flashing, etc., are my copies of Fester's Quest and The Goonies II. I've tried cleaning them, everything, they just have a 'tude.
Not NES, but Champions Of Norrath (PS2) kept hanging up on the loading screen so much I eventually lost my patience and used it as a trade toward other games.

my copy of GTA for PS1 freezes while it's loading sometimes. when the game is loading up, the loading bar changes colors, usually it's only a couple.... the one time i sat there and it changed colors maybe 10 times before i shut it off. it started repeating colors. it was horrible

As I've said before, my Mr. Mosquito CD doesn't get past the Playstation Logo Screen, and my Legend of Dragoon CD always freezes after the Water Dragon Boss Battle.

My sonic adventure disc froze at adventure mountain (red?) but it is now sold.. not my problem anymore