WoW Southpark

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who watched it?

I missed it. Sonufagun.

Luke, you are my hero of heroes.

thank you Luke! as soon as i heard about that i HAD to see it. i'm glad to see someone making fun of WoW, especially Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

i have a bunch of friends that play the game religiously, most have tried to get me to play it.... but i don't know, i'm not THAT much of a geek

If you can't watch it on google, go .

Or from this site.

Thanks to both Luke and manuel!

Man, that was awesome. I never really liked WoW, but I know what it's all about and I love South Park. My favorite part was at the end when they've beaten that guy who keeps killing innocent players and this dialogue comes:

Stan:- So...What do we do now?

Cartman:- What do you mean? Now we can finally play the game.

Kyle:- Oh, yeah...