Virtual Console, XBox Live Arcade, Sony???

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What do you think about downloadable games from Virtual Console, XBLA and the (maybe) upcoming Sony serVice?

Maybe it's just me, but prices seem a bit steep.
In another thread Luke said that 800 points (10$) for Doom is a good price, so here we have the proof that there are people who are ok with the pricing and that it's maybe truly only me who is worried.

Nintendo said they want 5$ for NES Games, 8$ for SNES and 10$ for N64 games. MSX should be the same as NES, Genesis and Turbo Grafx should be like SNES prices.
XBLA games are mostly 10$ (800 points), old and small games cost 5$ (400 points).

What do you think of this pricing structure?
I personally would have hoped for about 30-40% cheaper prices personally, but I might still get VC titles in the future.

Seeing that they charge up to 10$ for their games, how much will Sony take, should they offer PS1 downloads? There's much more data to load, so I guess they'll charge significantly more than 10$. What do you guys think?

Can somebody please tell me what the hell that's supposed to mean?


i don't like how much they're charging. $5 for a NES game? i'd rather pay $2-3 for the cart. and play it on my NES. but i think the whole VC thing is more for people that don't still have a NES or SNES, N64, etc. they think "$5, $8, $10 for a game!? that's cheap!" because most games for nex-gen systems are $20+ new

but i am looking forward to Wii having MSX games, i've always wanted to play the MSX Castlevania, i'd gladly pay $5 for that considering it'd cost me WAY more to buy the console and the game.

the Turbo Grafx has some games i'd like to play too, so i'll get some of those.

and it'd totally pay $5 for Contra if you can play with people online (don't know if you will be able to, but it'd be sweet).