18+ only arcade?

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Alright I was Game hunting today and I came across an Arcade that says on the doors that you must be 18 years of age and have prove of ID. Weird as this may seem. I wonder what they have in there that only 18+ people can see..Maybe some weird Hentai Arcade games? I may make a fake ID and get in there and see what they have that only 18 year olds and older can see. Off topic but there is alot of Porn Shops here in Vancouver, the part I am in anyways its pretty sad.

my guess is that it's got slot machines. it's not the 'traditional' arcade you're thinking of

My thoughts exactly :lol:

My guess is also slot machines. So nothing special.
Maybe some of those may have a sex theme, but most of those aren't that interesting, from what I've seen in Japanese arcades.
And if I were you I wouldn't fake an ID, isn't that a crime even over there?

I used to work in an Arcade with an over 18's section and yes it was all high jackpot slots. Unfortunately there were no porno games in there. No sluts just slots. I can't remember the exact figures but if the jackpot was over something like £10 it had to be in the over 18's section. I'm sure the rules are different for other countries.

For one golden moment, I thought very seriously of putting this quote in my sig.
At one time there must have been an over 18 arcade with arcade games, because there's lots of games for MAME out there that are adult-oriented (they may have also just have been in bars). A lot of them are Qix-type games where you reveal the image of a naked girl, and there's one really weird one called "Dancing Eyes" where you're a hamster? Monkey? Something, traveling up this girl, moving in squares, taking off chunks of her clothes (kind of like Amidar with an adult theme).
I was talking to a friend about these games, saying they must have been in bars, and he said "no, you just missed them, they were in the arcades where all the kids hung out."
He was joking. I hope.

kids hung out."
He was joking. I hope.

There's a place in my town called "Arnolds". Now it's just a club with some pool tables, but it used to be a full blown arcade. There were a few cabs in the corner with those qix-esque games you mentioned, with a sign hanging down from the ceiling saying something to the effect of "adults only".

The thing is, nobody watched to make sure kids didn't go there, and it wasn't blocked off or behind anything. I remember seeing them for the first time when I was there with my parents. I must have been about sixteen.

Trouble is, I'm not cool, so your friend is only half right.

LOL...they make an "adults only section" and don't even bother to block it off! You're not cool?

If you think you're not, this pushes your coolness ratio up 50% (or should, anyway)! :>)