Safari hunt VS Duck Hunt.

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I thought this would be a sweet "VS" Thread, Two Gun games for two differnt systems, Safari Hunt is for Master System and Duckhunt is for Nes and I think you know that already, First lets start with whats the difference between the two games.

Safari Hunt:
Hunt many animals such as, Ducks,Fish and Rabbits, And much more.

Hunt Ducks. Shoot clay plates

WINNER: Tied, Had Lots of fun with booth these games.

Now, lets talk about what has the best Graphics,

Safari Hunt:
The Backrounds and the Animals are very nice, And you really do get into the mood of HUNTING!

The backrounds on the Duckhunting and the Clay plate ones are nice to.

WINNER: This has to go to Safari Hunt.

Now lets talk about what would you rather do?

Safari Hunt: Shoot many animals that you wouldn't really be able to do with out getting in crap.

Duckhunt: Duckhunting is fun, Same with the Clay plate one.

WINNER: Duckhunt, I would rather shoot ducks then Rabbits and fish.

The Overall winner:
You choose, Talk about what you liked more Safari hunt or Duckhunt!

For me, "Duckhunt" is the winner, no doubt.

It's a classic from my side, and it brings back good memories.

The other reason is that I love the "Clay Shooting" game that follows with it too.


No contest.

Never played Safari Hunt, and though it sounds like it has more variety, I'm with 'Newb on this one. Duckhunt wins because of exactly what he said.
Though, if I had a choice of all light gun games for NES, I'd take Wild Gunman (mostly because I'm a Back to the Future addict).

Looks like the clear winner of this, is:


Duckhunt! I can't wait to see what they do for the New Duckhunt game for Wii.