What was this Sega thing called?

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Back in the day at docter offices they or well at mine they had Sega Genesis but on it you could pick from 5 to 10 games to play. And you had to press Select. It wasn't Sega channel or a Muti cart. I think Nintendo and Atari had something like this, please help.

I've seen something made by sega that was a little 4" cube that had video outs, POWer input, and a controller coming out of it. When you POWer it up you get to choose from six games like: altered beast, kid chameleon, sonic, flicky and two others i think.

It reminded me a lot of those controllers they sell now that have mortal kombat, madden, or nhl games on them and it's a stand alone purchase.

That's the only thing i can think of that comes to mind when i read the descrtiption. however i don't know a name or anythign about a similiar nintendo product.

Mt brother has something called an Atari Flashback....could it be Sega Flashback??? I really don't know...

Are you talking about the Plug n Play?

No sorry it wasn't the Plug in and plays. And I know its not Sega flash back, Thanks for the help.