Meet your new Mario 3-on-3 B-Ball characters

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Ummm......are they new characters, or are they from something else, and Nintendo just decided to put them in the game...?

Are you joking?
There SE charcters. SE is making this game...And there from the FF seris.

so why'd you say Mario....?

Ok SE is making a Mario basket Ball game and is adding those charaters to the mix.

I thought some of them looked familar, but never though Square would make a basket ball game.

Black Mage Mario, now...
Black Mage basketball player?!?
It would be cool if they gave him his spells.
Coach: "Traveling!"
Black Mage: XXXXX. Game over.

OMFG VIEWTIFUL JOE?!?!?!?! ;O !-{ JJI{ i{AO)+o 0[

I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to play as this guy. I suppose it will have been a bad choice to introduce more "new" Mario characters.

Any game where you can play as a Cactuar has got to be awesome!!!! Viewtiful Joe is cool and all but Red Mage should be on there. He would be the most versatile basketball player of all time.

Everything mentioned above is completely justified!

And for all you know, true! (Suckers!)

Is that Viewtiful Joe? Reminds me more of the original FF ninja...

Oh wait, it is! You gotsa read the little names in the background!