Best hockey game???

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I'm looking for what some of the best hockey games are for the Genesis/Super Nintendo. I have NHL All Stars 95, and and NHLPA 93. My brother and I really like those games, and were wondering what are some other really good ones.

Dagnabbit! I packed my Genesis and gajillion sports games. Sorry, Malon, but I ain't getting them out now.

Do you remember any "greats", or "favorites"?

Hm... they're all a blur as of right now... hang on, I'll get back to ya.

Ok thanks.

Allright, I remember the one that originally introduced one-timers as being the best, and according to the allmighty Internets, that would be NHL '94.

The seems to agree.

I'll check it out, thanks!

I would have to second NHL '94 as being the best.