Places for classic gaming around Yokosuka Japan

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One of my friends will be staying a base in Yokosuka Japan for about a month in 4 days, and he's a big gaming fan. I know at least one or two members of this site are stationed there, so I figure this isn't too bad of a question. Where are the good places for shopping for older generation games and systems, famicom or otherwise? I'm talking some place with decent selection and decent pricing. Thanks a million if you can help out.

As far as I know only Death_by_POWerpoint is stationed there. I'm not sure whether he knows about arcades, though. Used video game stores seem more to be his specialty.

Maybe you send him a pm or mail, because I don't know if he sees this thread.

Yea, he's been PMed. Considering my friend is over there for about a month, not a huge rush, but the sooner the better.

When you're there for a whole month you can find lots of great places by just wandering around downtown.
I did that in Fukuoka and found lots of nice little shops.

Yokosuka, Fukuoka...

Those are towns/districts from Shenmue, no?

Yokosuka is inKanagawa prefecture (near Tokyo), Fukuoka is the biggest town on Kyushu (one of the four main islands).