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Need tech help with an N64... it's an old system, with problems, and I since I bought it for my brother, I'd like to figure out how to fix it.

It's pretty worn. It has the old "turn off and on until game works" problem, with games usually taking many, many tries to work. Also, every once in a while the audio will turn static-y and the screen will turn blank.

I'm no tech-head, so I wouldn't know how to go about fixing it. Any thoughts?

Sounds like you need to rip it apart and give it a good cleaning, maybe some wires need securing also, for that static problem. The only problem now is getting it open.

Even putting some alcohol onto a Q-tip and swabbing the game carts could help. You would be surprised at how much crap you can get off of them.

yeah, to me it sounds like it just needs to be cleaned. if you can, take an old toothbrush, dip it in windex or rubbing alcohol, and scrub the pin connector of the N64, let it dry for a minutes, and see how it works.

Why would flipping the POWer switch on and off make a dirty game work? I'm sure that's a factor and all..

heh, you know what? I have the EXACT same problem. I've cleaned the pins on the games I've tried to boot, used a credit card with some paper towel inside the connector... still no go. I never got around to testing with a different A/V cord though, and it's put up now. I think I'll test it out today as a matter of fact. But yeah man, I get a black screen as well, even though the red light is on. Mine doesn't boot AT ALL anymore though

you can't tell me your NES hasn't done that....?

I the system just needs a thorough cleaning, but I dunno... I was testing the system again today, and I managed to get Shadows of the Empire working... it loaded to the main menu, when a whole lot of code popped up on the screen.

you can't tell me your NES hasn't done that....?
No.... I can't....