Super Monkey Ball 3 announced for Wii!

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Okay, I want a rev. I love the Monkeyball games.

The Monkeyball principle coupled with the Revmote?
That game just HAS to be great.

Monkey, Monkey, Monkey... YAY!!!!

Now I'm happy.

Is it the Wiimote now?

i literally 'lol'd from that one Luke!

That remote is a badass.

Well, they did say that the current design wasn't the final design. and since they chose a name as fantastic as "Wii" who knows...

Is it the Wiimote now?

That was my first thought, too.
Well, I guess some guys will call it Wiimote.

Hey bwother, mind to hand me that wittle Wiimote?

Is it the Wiimote now?

I just had to share this (sorry if it indirectly doesn't do with the topic at hand) Because of this line (I've been giggling over it for a couple days now) I skated ahead in trivial pursuit. The question was "what does reebok call thier kids' shoe line". So sarcastically I said "Weebok".

Thanks for the help.