Donkey Kong "confirmed" for Revolution!

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The former Mario Sunshine / Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat team will give the Donkey Kong franchise at least one more spin. The biggest news is that the development team will not be using the conga drums in favor of a new control scheme provided by the Revolution remote control.

The year 2006 will set the stage for what could be the biggest battle for the platform genre. In one corner, you have the Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat team developing a full-blown Revolution Donkey Kong title with a new control scheme. In the other corner, you have a brand new Mario team in Kyoto developing a new style of platformer for the Super Mario series that will deviate from the Super Mario 64 / Super Mario Sunshine scheme.

Shigeru Miyamoto is confirmed to be closely overseeing both games which are 'first-generation cycle' games, meaning they could even appear at the console's launch later this year. Both are also scheduled to be shown at E3 in May.


That's nice news. 2 great games can be expected I think.

I hope the new Mario game will be as good as Mario 64. I also have high hopes for the Donkey Kong game.