No PS3 at E3.

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The PS3 launch looks bleaker and bleaker. We already reported that, yes, Sony will have no bananas — or rather, PS3s — at E3 this year. But a couple more insidious rumors about the PS3 are going around.

The first rumor is that, currently, the innards of a Playstation 3 are too large to functionally fit in the case. Although fat people can suck in their massive guts or cram fists fulls of cellulite down into a slimming girdle, no such option exists for the PS3, meaning that either the sleek and empty cases they’ve been showing off will have to grow larger to accommodate the electronic bulk or the components themselves will have to shrink… and soon.

The second rumor? Sony is still bidding on components. As Inquirer states: “This means the development is far from final, and it will be debugging up to, and in a Microsoft overheating manner, past the last minute. Not a good sign.”

The last bit of bleakness is the rather astounding news that the OS that the PS3 will be running on will consume 25% of the system’s core and 18.75% of the system RAM! Holy crap! Don’t we buy consoles so we don’t have to deal with that sort of OS overhead?


That's just a stupid rumor.
No chance in the world that Sony won't show their new console. It's more likely that hell freezes over than that...

Let's all keep in mind that there was no PS3 at E3 2005, but Sony still showed "in-game" movies. even if they have no hardware, the "PS3" will still be there, at the very least in the same way it was at last year's show.