PC controllers (n64,psx,dc)

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Hello today.
I am wondering if anybody knows any good controllers (for the pc) that work well with N64, DC, and PSX primarily.
N64 throws the wrench in the plans mostly because of the C-buttons and PSX gets tough because of four shoulders.
An n64 or psx usb adapter is unacceptable.
I really just need one controller to use. Thanks in advance.

Here's the controller that I use:

Airflo EX. Works fine for me in all of my emus (PS and the like). I like the way it feels, and it even has a built in fan I didn't read that review, but I honestly can't imagine there'd be much bad that they said about it.

Does a wired 360 controller use USB?
If so, this would be a nice one for emulation I could imagine...

The wired 360 controller does indeed have an USB on the end. I'm not entirely sure if it will work on a PC but it is likely that it might.

Certainly does, though I hear the drivers are total crap right at this point.

Good to hear that now.
I already thought of buying one. In this situation I'll rather wait for good drivers to be available.



Anyway, I just use a Logitech PC controller. Cheap, and set up like a PS2 controller. Not the most convenient deVice, (the frames for the analog sticks are square. wtf?) but it works.


I find the PS2 Dual Shock type controllers to be the most user friendly for most games/emulators.
I find that when playing N64, you can sometimes make a very comfortable control setup by mapping the 4-way "C buttons" to the . Of course, this doesn't work to well for games that use any of the C buttons for important repeated actions, but for games where it's used to bring up menus or switch weapons, it works just fine.
Some games benefit greatly from using two analog sticks - 'GoldenEye' (right stick for forward/back/left/right movement) and 'Robotron 64' (right stick for directional firing) are prime examples.

Godlike adVice

Thanks for all the adVice. I think I am going to get the .
It is essentially a wireless PS2 controller for the PC. I am just gonna have to figure out a way to deal with sega's 3 buttons in a line setup, butI don't care for too much Sega since I can get most of the games on the SNES so not a major loss.
I was wondering, however, if anybody has experience with these or similar wireless controllers, in particular, when using more than one on the same system.

I am putting together a little computer that will act as an all-in-one system. Similar to a mame arcade setup that boots to a front end loading program that allows the user to choose a game for any number of systems. I am planning on using four of the wireless controllers, which is why I am wondering if anybody knows about these.

Hm. Never used the wireless Logitechs... I actually think mine only allows two controllers on the same computer... Not sure, though.

As for the Sega setup, I just set the top three buttons. It's not too hard to get used to.