What system is this?

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I found a pic of this system and I am wondering what is it?

Like when did it come out? Who made it?

I've no idea, but I find it funny that it's an "educational computer" yet it comes with a big gun.

guns are educational.... sometimes

The controller looks a bit PS-like, so I guess it might even be some pirate console. Unfortunately the pics are too small to see which game characters are on the box. If there's Mario or any other licensed character among those, chances rise that it's a pirate or some other unlicensed stuff.

It's a pirate.

Yep, that looks like a famiclone to me.

manufactured by Generic Chinese Manufacturing Co. Released in Any time since 1995.

Nice one, Jenni.
Maybe that one is a clone of the Polish clone?

Has to be a pirate of some kind. Strange find though.