Rumors, Hearsay, and Other Crap

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I see so many rumors floating around, but I actually want to post some of them to discuss.

What's with the rumor about the Revolution being renamed?

They should stick with the name revolution. Maybe it's the name of an online gaming serVice? gaming online?
Wait, doesn't "go" mean 5 in japanese? intresting, as it will be their fifth console (excluding handhelds)

Yes, (some of) the comments below the article are very interesting...

Yeah, the two I mentioned/stole were my favourites/most believable

Nintendo GO sounds like a handheld, because you know, you can take it on the ....go. i think Revolution sounds better. i hope the "GO" thing isn't because it's 5 in Japan, that'd be stupid and unoriginal sorta like Sony....

Nintendo Go looks like it may have been just a rumor (rumour ):

Nintendo Go looks like it may have been just a rumor (rumour ):

well thank ya jesus!

Nintendo Go looks like it may have been just a rumor (rumour ):

Oh, i'm shocked.
But, if you click the link in the article to read the announcement (at the bottom of the article) it states that you can download megadrive/genesis for the revolution. not all, but only the "best" ones.

Yay Revolution!
Download Sega and PC Engine games. That's some nice news.

As for the renaming, maybe GO is the name of an online serVice or something (Go Online).
I wouldn't like it as a console name, but -what the heck- the name won't make a console worse.
I think they should stick with Revolution. It has a good sound.

I liked the Logo on the GO poster, however.

It probably is an online serVice, someone mentioned that possibility in the original comments.

Get out of here. On that article, I thought this was funny:

And guess what.
It's already delayed.
Just kidding.