IGN Reviews: Super Princess Peach

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Closing Comments
There are two sides of the Super Princess Peach fence: on the one hand, you pretty much know what you're getting into with a game starring Nintendo's very, very female protagonist - a game most likely designed and marketed for the girl audience. On the other hand, it's a Nintendo developed platform game, and these generally have a level of expectation. It's an interesting balance, and ultimately Nintendo did a good job with Peach's first starring game. Even if it's a little too easy for the usual gaming crowd.

7.0 Presentation
It's a good and fun game design that downplays a lot of the DS creativity. It's biggest problem is that the meat of the game could have been done on GBA.

7.0 Graphics
The developers purposely held Princess Peach back into the old-school. Bright and colorful, but very conservative in processing.

8.0 Sound
The game definitely sounds like a Mario-style game with its soundtrack accomodating the action. The highpitched, gleeful princess voice may seem grating at first, but eventually it fits.

7.5 Gameplay
Nintendo's platformer experience shows through in this original design. The levels are fun but lack some of the more creative layouts of past Mario games. And this game is what we'd call "easy."

6.5 Lasting Appeal
Its difficulty level doesn't give this platformer a whole lot of lengthy challenge, but the purchasable mini-games extend the play a bit further.



Ugh. just too flowery for my tastes. Someone give me my Wario fix...

Give me some of that NEW Super Mario Bros..

I heard that brother!

Ugh. Sorry, I would never play that. It reverses the whole idea and messes up my equilibrium.

Completely agreed.