Sonic CD....Why you like it.

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What are some reasons you like Sonic CD? I like it because Metal Sonic is born in this game. I like the music when you beat a level its really neat. The Race between Sonic and Metal Sonic was easy.....I wanted it to be harder and longer....And the boss fight at the end of the game was pretty easy. But somehow I love playing this game on and on.

i like it for the music, its sonic, some of the best levels, and bosses.
Great sound affects, you can use te up C(jump) where you just spin your legs.

I just played the Sonic anniversary collection and they have all the Sonic games except that one.

It's the only one I've never played yet and it really looks cool.

Unfortunately I don't have a Sega CD, so I don't think I'll be playing anytime soon..

The joys of Emulation

or he could always get Sonic Gems Collection for Cube if he has one.