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Hey guys, I started playing the piano this summer and i learned some Nintendo songs.

Tell me what you think. Be Gentle

Not too bad. A couple of stumbles here and there. If I understand you right, you've been playing 8 or so months? That's better than I was at that time, for sure :D

Are you aware of They're pretty critical over there sometimes, but you can get your stuff heard, anyway.

yeah man thanks for the adVice. Ill probably wait a couple years to go on vg music i guess then


Good choice in music.
Piano isn't bad either.

that's some good stuff. i just sent you an add invitation thing. accept it

not bad.

I kinda try to do the same thing with my guitar. Only things all go horribly wrong with everything... except the 007 Theme. That I can do. Lol.

Simply solved. You've got 007 down, so next, master Peter Gunne's Man From U.N.C.L.E. theme (aka Spy Hunter) and the Golgo 13 theme. Then you can say that you 'specialize'.