DOOM Comic

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This is an official comic something like Evil Dead on steroids, an adrenaline pumped freak with an obsession for killing and spitting out catch phrases. It is a bit gory, but nothing too too bad. Enjoy!

oh man, that was wonderful. thanks for that

Sugar? Groovy? that bastid's steppin' all ovah Bruce Campbell's toes.

Now, as for the comic, I going to talk about it being exactly like the comics I drew in Jr. High (artistically and in a literary sense)...

But then I saw the beautiful, mass of bloodbursting gore that was page 14. Even my wildest Jr. High dreams couldn't have concieved of anything that gory. And I drew some pretty violet crap, lemme tell ya.

That comic was everything a comic should be.

"Morals? Ah, crap, we need a moral, don't we? Ah, hell. Just throw in some Captain Planet crap."

im Radioactive now that cant be good