What I did for my 2 week Christmas vacation..

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I had never been so bored. Not having a car is a REAL drag. I played video games for a good 8 hours. All I did was wake up, eat, shower, games, eat, games, bathroom, games, eat, games, sleep.

What my issue is that I have a good amount of new games I bought, but I only play one until I beat it. Then I move onto the next. I'll never get through all of them at this rate.

So far I'm stuck on

That sounds... fun.

Wait a minute, that's what a car. Oh, well. At least I had a good New Year's party.

If I had a car, I'd go everywhere.

I was just like you i didn't have a car for a long time then i found a little car for $500 and it runs great now i drive all over San Antonio and my car has a 4 Cylinder Engine so i also save on gas.

My friends were over for most of my winter break, but it rained damn hard most of the time. So we just hung out, watched movies, and played games.

Spin the bottle. No girls allowed