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I was looking for things to ask for for the holiday season and i stumbled upon gametap. I plan on signing up for the free trial once I get back to my normal computer. But before i do so i was wondering if anybody has it or has used it, especially the technical side of it.

For those of you who don't know much, I will throw my basic knowledge out there for you. gametap is a fee based serVice wher eyou download their application and can play a bunch of console, arcade, and pc games for just the initial subscription fee. Right now the playable systems are genesis, master system, intellivision, atari, 32x, commodore, game gear, dos, windows, and arcade games, oh and dreamcast.

So the system requirements are what get me a little goofed. It says you need a broadband connection and 5 gigs of ram. so it must download the game for a limited time to your machine...maybe for each play.

any review info, or comments not found on the site would be rad.

No, You need 5 GB of free HD space. 256 MB of RAM.

And thats fucking retarded how you can't acess there shittyness if you don't live in the US.


save yourself some money

yea, 5 gig hd space, my mistake.

1-emuasylum doesn't work as a gift.
2-emuasylum is a choppy website..maybe just recently because of the snow falling all over.
3-i could not find hydrothunder for dreamcast on emuasylum.
4- i like when people answer my questions not just redirect me. but this is an open forum. thank you.

i didn't know that it wouldn't let you access it form outside the us, that is bad.
I was speaking to my friend who happened to be a beta tester who received 3 years for a dollar a year or a month or some disgustingly cheap rate, he doesn't even get it because he says it's completely not worth it. Primarily because the lack of games..

I figured that a lack of games would pose a problem.

Gotta hand it to them, though, they're smart when it comes to commercials. The TV spots show a nice variety of games.

Whats the point for paying for the games when you can just download the NES ROMs...?

A sense of moral superiority?

moral superiority, a little.

Worms armageddon. This is available for dreamcast, pc, gameboy color, and nintendo 64. If you have ever played a worms game on the pc and then try to play on a console it's quite a bit different. Why? I would say it's the mouse. (kind of pc Lemmings vs. console Lemmings) and the fact that consoles have limited amounts of buttons.
gametap offers pc versions of games.

Now, I'm not sure where you all draw the line between straight pirating games and downloading the NES ROMs of them, if you draw a line between the two. I know that anyone can get these games for free from somewhere, but this is one centrally located legal source of many options.
I don't think that gametap is really worth it for the systems like genesis and atari or whatever but more for the windows games and the dreamcast games, that are significantly less abundantly available.

I'm going to abandon this thread because I don't think anybody here has used gametap...and most would rather discuss NES ROMs.

This is where GameTap wins. It's not easy to find downloads of DC or early Windows era CD-ROM games. I was wondering when something like this would surface (a sort of "I-tunes" for gaming perhaps).

I haven't used GameTap personally, but I am interested in it.
It's more of a wait and see attitude. I want to hear more feedback from those who do use it - or I'll wait until the less expensive Russian clone site emerges (i.e. as a music equivalent).
It will happen.