2d gaming out the window?

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With all these 3d POWerhouse machines, is 2d gaming no longer in existant? The POWer these new gen systems posses, imagine the BEUATIFUL 2D graphics they can produce. Maybe I'm just too old to appreciate 3d stuff.

Gameboy Advance is our last hope for 2d games. Nintendo DS has some, though.

Hate to say it but. I think 2d will be non existant if something happens to Nintendo. But other than that I hope 2d always sticks around since I prefer it over 3d any day.

Treasure is supposedly making a or more 2D game for the 360.

Where did you hear that? I'd be interested to read more about it.

Hell, yeah, I'd be interested, too. The last 2D game I saw was Alien Hominid.

2D games are a species in imminent danger of extinction...
Especially good 2d jump'n' runs are very rare these days.

Oh, my bro told me about it a month ago.