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I cant get my game genie to even load. All i get is the flashing screen, and i cant push the cartridge down because of the awkward shape of the thing. Ive cleaned the connectors over and over. What am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

have you tried cleaning it? if not, bust out some Q-Tips and Windex and dont soak it down and then post back.

ive cleaned it repeatedly . what i mean is ive never used one before and i dont know how to get it IN the machine. I cant get the it to push down and load properly. do u know what i mean? Is it supposed to work with the nes's tray not pushed down?

No, it doesn't push down. The side with the long strap sticks out of the NES. You stick an NES game in the side with the strap, then stick the GG in. With the connectors.

yeah, i figured that out eventually lol. All i can get is like a flash of the games opening screen and then the machine blinks on and off over and over. The games are working fine when i plug them straight in, and ive cleaned the gg over and over again. Do you think the gg may be faulty or is always this tough to get to work.

Thanks for all yo help so far by the way.

i think its the lock-out chip, correct me if im wrong.

Usually when i get the flashing game screen, i bump the nes a little, and press reset.

hee thanks guys but im gonna do the french thing and just quit.
I think i may have messed up my nice new connector pins fiddling with the gg.

What do u mean by lockout chip? Im using a uk/ireland region nes with a uk/ireland game genie so it should be ok shouldnt it?

My nes dates from about 1990-1 if thats any help.

Its the lockout chip that is causing the blinking of the game screens.

does this mean my game genie will never work? (dramatic music)

Try tapping reset by not fully pressing it down, just tapping it quickly. I found that this helps in solving blinking screens. If not, I heard that removing the lockout chip is quite an easy task. Check out this site:

Thanks but as soon as that help page mentioned the word "soldering" i knew it was a bit too hardcore for me.

You got a fetish for anime breasts??

Soldering isn't ALL that complicated, but i suggest you try to clean the part where the game connects to the GG

Yeah dude, soldering is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Just try to be careful and not make a mess of your nes!

well not so much a fetish, more an artistic appreciation

I'd really have no idea where to even get a soldering iron let alone have any vague chance of succesfully acheiving anything other than maybe causing a small localised nes-shaped fire.

You don't have a hardware store?

Yeah, soldering irons are pretty cheap as far as I know.

well err no i dot live anywhere near a decent hardware store as, i either live in a small town in wales or a small town in ireland depending on what time of the year it is.

And errr as far as i know ive never even seen a soldering iron for sale even in big city D.I.Y. Stores. I think soldering irons must be more common in the US. I have never even seen one, and i dont know anyone who ever has .

Seriously though, even if i could easily get hold of one i just cant be bothered going to that much effort just to enter some game genie codes. Ill try and by one of those cool nes clones that pop up on ebay now and then instead.

*tip* never clean your NES is bad for them.

Also if it is blinking your system is full of dust and probably needs new connector pins.

if not just go buy a game gennie...they are like $3.

cleaning your games is bad? where did you here that?


Also if it is blinking your system is full of dust and probably needs new connector pins.

Or it could just need a clean.

*tip* never clean your NES is bad for them.

Also if it is blinking your system is full of dust and probably needs new connector pins.

if not just go buy a game gennie...they are like $3.

That really depends on what you attempt to clean them with. I suggest using a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol, applied witha Q-tip.

Cleaning games is good for them, so go clean your games and stop asking questions that have been answered about 692452345983124 times in the history of the Nes Files.

Hehe i have been cleaning my games with Rubbing-alchohol regularly for 3 years, nothing bad has happened yet

i had the same trouble with mine, either clean it and the game, try a different game, or keep turning it on and off ,and keep at it for a while mine eventually came around and worked i think i was waiting for like 30 mins but its worth it cause there really fun.