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I really, really love Maniac Mansion, and I have a few questions that maybe someone can answer.. I've been searching on the internet but I haven't really found what I'm looking for.

1. Why do the kids move so slowly whenever Ed or Edna is not too far away from them? Is it meant to be some sort of warning, or is it just because there are more people there (more work for the machine)?

2. Is it possible to move around with a dead kid? I read someplace that it only is possible with Bernard, and someplace else it said that you have to pick up the undeveloped film to be able to do this. Another rumour is that you have to get killed by Ed (because of the hamster-microwave-incident ) for this to be possible. Also, is it a bug or is it meant to be that way? Is it even possible in other versions of the game than the US version? I have the Swedish-translated one.. (where the hamster-nuke cannot be done..and all the "nakedness" and the "bad" language has been edited. I don't know if they did that with the US version too after a while..?)

3. There is some sort of battery inside the cartridge, right? Otherwise you wouldn't be able to save the game, if I've understood it correctly. Does this battery ever stop working? And if it does (which it propably will at some point), is there any way of replacing it without damaging the game?

I'd be forever greatful if someone knew the answers to any of my questions and could take the time to answer..

I remember when I was about 10 years old, I loved the game, played it all the time. Unfortunately I wasn't very bright so it took me many years to learn many of the secrets of Maniac Mansion. I have never felt so proud in my entire life, like the time I was desperately trying to figure out the way to get the old rusty key.. and then one night I dreamt that I managed to get it down with help from the tentacle mating sound.. Guess what the first thing I did the next morning was! Yeah, maybe I was a silly 10-year old back then, but I still get just as excited whenever I try out something new in the game!

Thanks again in advance, sorry if my English is a bit bad..

I think it's a programming function. You move slower because they wanted you to get caught. More challenging, I guess.

I'm not sure if it's a bug, but it is indeed weird. I was able to do it by exploding the hamster in the microwave and then giving it to Weird Ed.
He will apparently kill whichever character you use for it, but I think I only did it once and can't remember the character I used.
It can be done though.

Batteries can eventually "die", however Nintendo can replace them for you free of charge (at least in the U.S. they do).

Congratulations! Your English is NOT bad.

Okay, thanks a lot for your answers..

Wow, I didn't know you could microwave the hamster!!

I loved that game when I was younger and played it a lot. But it never even came to my mind to do such nasty thing to a hamster, even if it's only an 8bit-pixel-hamster.

I was so annoyed about the thing that you move slower when somebody is coming nearer. I was so often thrown in that prison cell, I can't count it...

I need to find the Japanese version of that.

A new Maniac Mansion for Nintendo Revolution would be cool. With the new controller you could do lots of interesting things.


Thanks a lot.

The magic of MS Paint


I really wish I had the version where the hamster can be nuked.. I've been dying to try the walking-around-as-a-ghost-thing.. =/ I've got to try if there is an other way of doing it.. I have to play MM as soon as I get home, I have to see if the green tentacle kills you if you give him the meteor's Contract.. I know he won't kill you if you give him a tape with the tentacle-mating sound.. In Maniac Mansion Deluxe he DOES kill you when you do. Is MMD exactly the same as the original PC-version? I have to get my hands on an uncensored version of the NES game! Does anyone know if it's very difficult to find one? And also if it's expensive? Aarrgghh, sometimes I hate being a european..

Even being European, you could get the US versions of games you like.

Well yeah.. I guess I could. But... I don't think the US versions are playable with a european console.. Or are they?? I don't know really..

Clip the lock-out chip, and you're good to go It's actually easy, and I'm not that good with electronic stuff... yet... hopefully I get better.

Lock-out chip huh.. What is that anyway?

the only way to get the completely uncensored NES version is the prototype. but as far as I know, there isn't a NES ROM of it online anywhere.

Here's a page taking about the prototype:

btw, If you check out the "Maniac Mansion: Rilo Kiley Version" hack at my site (see sig), I changed a couple things back, kinda.. added some bad words, and changed the one arcade game title back to "Muff Diver".

Maniac Mansion: Rilo Kiley Version is really cool! It's great to watch the cut-scenes when they say different things.. I've never heard of Rilo Kiley but this sure is fun!

I'm however experiencing some slight problems with the NES-emulator.. I tried Nestopia, and the game sort of goes in slowmotion sometimes, but I think that's merely because my computer's a bit weak.. I'm gonna read the read-me again and see what I can do about it.

The BItchin' Chick from the Wizard her band i think

I want that prototype!

The gags in the proto are much cooler than the version released.

I remember playing this game a while back, *had to download it, plus the name sounded catchy.* I actually liked these kinds of games, the whole point and click thing, theres another one on NES like this game but its called "Uninvited" I never got to play it, but read tons of reviews on Gamefaqs.

Is there any way I can play this game on my PC? Does anyone know where I can DL it or send me something?

Check the big sticky under NES ROMs/Emulators called ROM LINKS!

Is that for Day of the Tentacle?

I tried searching for you, but didn't come up with much. You may have to purchase it off of .

Yeah I saw that. I can't figure out where I can dl it w/o purchasing it. I don't think it would work on my current computer anyways if I purchased it? Thanks for your help BTW.

There is a program called DosBox that lets you play older games on newer computers. I've never used the program myself, but it's supposed to work pretty well. Check Google for a link to DosBox, as I don't know it right off-hand. Hope that helps.

I read somethin about that I was gonna DL it. Thanks again.

I was able to do it by exploding the hamster in the microwave and then giving it to Weird Ed.
He will apparently kill whichever character you use for it, but I think I only did it once and can't remember the character I used.
I found this GIF image that shows the "Weird Ed discovers the hamster after it's been microwaved" scene.

Then he you. Classic.

Man, u r always finding new stuff even today on Maniac Mansion, i love the game, i got the commodore 64 version which is uncencered, but the NES version was cut down a bit, by cut down i mean, things taken out of it like the language and nude statue and etc.