Trogdor: The Game

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I was thinking about making a NES ROM about Trogdor(from ). I might make it in the style of Final Fantasy. Just make a NES ROM hack of FF1 only with Trogdor. Any thoughts or ideas for me to put into the game?

wow thankx for info.

Put Homestar characters in the game. Preferably Strongbad.

You have to make it so your characters are peasants, and Trogdor has to have an ultra-POWerful burnination attack.

Somewhat off the subject, but there's a guy currently programming a "Homestar Runner" game for the Atari 2600.

It looks pretty good too.

Apparently it's going to be an RPG ("classic style" of course).

I was planning on making a hack of FF1 only with some of the characters being the Homestar Runner characters. Trogdor would be like the big boss or something. Just a thought. The whole your-Trogdor-and-you-have-to-burninate-things-like-peasants has been done. If you want to play a game like that then just play the game on their site. I haven't checked the thing about the Atari thing yet(bc I'm at school right now) but I will check it out at home. Wait tommorrow once I get home. I got grounded off the computer today. Okay thanks.

I wonder if there's any games that might be better suited.

Godzilla, maybe