Auto-combat game, Super Spy Hunter (Solved)

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Hi there, I have a problem remembering a title of one game. Heres the description of it: So this is a car combat game, the view is straight from the top, lots of POWerups and stuff, like weapon improvement, drill wheels and so... Oh and i remember that the car (more like a spaceship thing, still with wheels) could transform. I hope this is enough information (will try to remember more if needed). Has anyone any idea what is the title of this game

Galaxy 5000 maybe? I haven't played it enough to know whether it meets your description entirely.

no, galaxy 5000 is not the game im looking for... The one im searching is more like a highway driving type. One more thing i remember that the game came in a cartridge with 3 more games, which were Kick Master, Terminator 2 and Monster in my Pocket

Knight Rider?

No, not Knight Rider. The ones view is from the top, and is more futuristic

Spy Hunter?

What system is this for?

transformign car, top down.

all i can think of is Super Spy Hunter


YEY!!! It is the Super Spy Hunter, just checked it out. Thank you guys for help once more

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Oh yeah, gotta love the Screech.