Alex Mack video game

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I don't know about you, but i remember back when this show was popular. In my opinion, it was one of Nickelodeon's best shows ever. Who else would like to see a game made of this show?
I was going to try to make a kind of DOOM clone of it, where you play as a bounty hunter type guy who is hired to bust into the plant and rescue Alex (if you've seen the show, then you already know what I'm talking about). But, my game would have been too violent, and I wanted to see a non-violent game that followed the series a bit more closely. Also, I had an RPG in the works, but that's been lost to the ages...for now. But, I wouldn't mind if someone out there wanted to help me on the DOOM clone part *wink wink*

lol yes I remember that awesome show!

I think it would have been more fun playing as Alex, in a puzzle type of game. You'd pick up items and what not to distract / stop those after you, sneak into places etc.

And sorry, I can't help you

An alex mac game....LOL

yeah i reember that show, the secret world of alex mack right, i remember her being kinda hot, and she had a really smart sister, the
last episod i remember was her getting one of those jeeps for her birthday
and her family acted like they forgot or something

what was r name, has she gone on to do anything else

as for a game im thinking action adventure or platforer, where you could
use ll he tricks hat she could do.