Etlers rarity list.

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So im trying to complete my spreadsheet, taking the rarity ratings from mike etlers list. When i get to Bart VS. the space mutants, there is 4 variations. My copy says NES-Q5-USA That isnt even on there? I was looking in US releases too.

Edit: Oh god,what a Moron i am. I guess i was looking in the european releases, i see it is nowa D. Delete this or lock or whatever. Sorry!

wow.. that list says my australian Astyanax cart is an A, which is nuts, cos i never get anything good.. can anyone confirm this?

The rarest games I have are '' (both "A-").
My 'Galaxy 5000' is "complete" too.

What I love about Etler's list is that Stadium Events is given a B. A little out of date maybe?

This isn't Etler's list. This one was based upon it and made by millert. I contributed quite some info to him.

- Stadium Evenst has a wrong rating.

- The A after the Australian Astyanax isn't a rarity rating. It says if the label has a A or B on it (PAL A/B).

All the rarity ratings are identical on both lists anyhow.

I thought i saw suprise at dinosaur peak there rated B+

Does anyone know of a more up-to-date list? Etler's was made in '97, after all.


Is based off etler's list

I saw an excellent rarity list with different cart variations and comments on each game. But i can't find it any more.

I use digital press.

<- link directly to the search.

I wonder if you're talking about Stan Stepanic's games list:

I can't remember when it was made, but it has comments on each game.

I use digital press.

<- link directly to the search.

Digital Press is way off though. i remember looking at it once and seeing common games having pretty rare ratings, and more rare games showing up as common.

I think Digital Press is as accurate as you are going to get. Sure you may disagree with some of the prices they give, but rarity is only a matter of opinion anyway. There's no way of accurately telling how many of a particular game are out there.

Stans list is about a year old and very good. Again his rarity ratings are only an opinion.

That's the one. Nice work Roth, PI

Thanks, guys.