If you could create a mario game what would it be named and

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what would be about? ( Sorry , my subject is too long, so I have to write the rest in the body., Anyway... It's pretty selfexplanatory, but if your thinking is slow, I'll Repeat it again


Well, mario has been beaten to death in about every type of game ever made. But i would like a First person shooter mario, like goldeneye. That would rule. Not quite wholesome enough for nintendo to swallow, although.

It would be called Mario Jump! and it would be free roaming 3d and all about running, jumping and playing (mostly jumping). There would be spring boards, moving platforms, spinning logs in the sky, all the good stuff, and it would be fast too with real upbeat action. And you could play as almost any character from the mario series.

I like the ring the Mario 128 since it would be a sequel to Mario 64, my favorite Mario game.

Back to pure, 2D platforming for a spell. There hasn't been a pure "Mario" 2D game since Super Mario World on the 16bits.

We did have Yoshi's island, didn't we? I didnt really like that one though. Weird.

mine would be Mario Kombat -or something else like Street Fighter 2010 Mario edition, u know Something like that, and well hey it would be like (for MK version), most MK characters, and just add Mario CHaracters too.
Same would Go with Street Fighter 2010 but with The SF character instead of MK

another i would Like would be A Brawler, like Ninja Turtles or Double Dragon, but all Mario.

Actually, the last one was Mario Land 2, and they're making a new 2d platformer for DS called "The new super maeio bros" and it's not a port.

Actually, the last one was Mario Land 2, and they're making a new 2d platformer for DS called "The new super maeio bros" and it's not a port.
Not counting the GB games, fun as they were, they really were quite handicapped by the hardware. As for new Super Mario Bros. on the DS, I have my doubts. It uses 3D graphics on a 2D playfield (kinda like Viewtiful Joe), and it's hard to get that "pixel perfect" jump feel with 3D.

I'd like something that LOOKS like Paper Mario

i Love how Viewtiful Joe was made.

VK probably wasn't the best example, since it actually manages to capture that pixel perfect appeal while using 3D. Though having said that, some of the jumps can be frustrating.

'Mario Mercy Killing' would probably be the game I would make.

I think "a paper mario" style graphics platform game could be good.

Yea, A Paper MArio For DS Would very Awesome


Seaman, but with a Mario face. And Italian catchphrases.

"Mario goes to Hell"

Id call it Resident mario and have him go around with the RE1 engine..now how WOULD that LOOK!

that sounds pretty cool ninja

Wait for it.................

Oh man that game would be pretty sweet.

isnt there Paper mario, Mario and Luigi superstar saga, and thousand year door?

I just called Paper Mario the sequel.