Differences between USA-NES and Japan-Famicom

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Few time ago I did a small reasearch with some
important titles and its differences between original version
(the japanese Famicom) and the translated ones (USA NES).

Check it out!


Wow, nice job! Its interesting to see the changes the made while bringing those games to the US. And you did Yo! Noid. AWESOME

Wow, those are really cool. Some of the changes are greater than I'd imagine them to be.

wow! I always knew SMB 2 from the US was a Port of doki doki panic, but the rest are cool!

I see you have done your homework. ^_^
and theyre's alot more where that came from

in the case of genesis, some games change by just putting them into a japanese megadrive instead of a genesis:) isnt it amazing what a little bit of metal at 5v rather than 0 can do:) alot of the time it's just the title screen which changes though..

Intresting. I like the americans zombienation face better than the jap one. But the game itself was horrid. I couldnt stand it.

Great job.

There were a lot of titles of those I didn't know that they were US versions of Japanese games.

At least 2 thumbs up for that.

That is pretty cool. How did you get the pictures? Did you get them off of playing an emulator? Did you get them off the internet? Did you get them off your NES/Famicom? PM me your answer.

Very, very nice indeed. Interesting, also. I prefer the japanese version of most of the examples.