Does a US copy of Stadium Events really exist?

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I've carefully watch Stadium Events auctions on ebay for about the last 2 years and I don't ever recall seeing one without foreign writing on it. In addition I have never seen a picture of a boxed POWerpad/stadium events set. I'm really starting to believe that this was never a US game in the first place, especially with all the confussion surrounding it...that it was only available in certain dept stores in certain states etc. Does have a picture of a US copy of the game. I would like to buy it but I only want the NTSC version.

It does exist. It's just very rare. Here's a link to a guy who found one for $9.99 at EB. Lucky bastard.

The NTSC version comes up on eBay every once in a while. I remember seeing a complete one a long time ago. True you're much more likely to see the PAL version, that's because it is significantly more common (although still very hard to find). If you want the NTSC version and you are planning to get it on eBay you are going to have fork out big$.

To my knowledge, the games sale was very limited, I believe as little as 500 games were made in the New York City area for the US. I think Bandai's Pad got bought out by Nintendo after they made some copies of Stadium Events and Bandai just got rid of what stock they had to make way for World Class Track Meet. Personally, I think I'm gonna leave that game out of my collection...A slightly different World Class Track Meet ain't worth that much. Although good investment for the future...