Need help finding a game!

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When i was a little child i used to play a game with racing cars. I remember that after every race you could buy ammo for your, you could upgrade your car ect...
P.S In the middle of the race if you shoot one of the other cars they droped some packs of money.
P.SS Forget my incorrect english

No idea. One of the Super Cars games?

Is it possible that you are talking about Rock N Roll Racing

Off-Road ?

I gots no idea.

More details would definately help: Was it definately for the NES? Anything you can remember would probably help. Even car colours.

Anything about the game that stands out in your memory would probably have been a unique selling point, and other people will remember it too.

R.C. Pro-Am, Galaxy 5000??

Was it RoadBlasters?

Thanks for your replies! well i don't remember to much details of that game, but i remeber that some cars were green, others blue. You could shoot with guns. Thanks again.

Sounds a little like Spy Hunter.

Was it viewed from above your car like the original GTA, or behind it, like GTA 3D?

Thanks to all for replies! The game that i was looking was R.C. Pro-Am, Galaxy 5000.

That's two complete different games.

I think he means Galaxy 5000, I was thinking RC Pro Am, but I don't recall the "buying" just raced around and collected items on the track that made your car better.

'Galaxy 5000' doesn't fit the description of the original post. You don't buy weapons and the "cars" (which are actually "space crafts") don't drop money.

I think 'R.C. Pro-Am 2' might have weapons on the cars though.

Need help finding a game, or if anyone knows if it existed on the NES..
Goonies ONE. Everyone knows about II, of course, but I used to play 1 on those "Player's Choice 10" arcade machines that had Nintendo games in them (nickel arcades; one of the machines had NES Rygar in it, and I showed someone how to finish it this way once), there were diamonds and bats and things like that. Does anyone know if this was ever a NES cartridge? I seem to remember the title screen had a silhouette of the group of kids with Sloth.

Huh... I've never even seen the first one, ever.

The first Goonies game was released for the famicom, but not the NES.

Here it is in arcade form:

Yes, that's the one I was talking about. Too bad about it never being in cart form in the U.S.
Cool link. I'd forgotten all about that website.
**EDIT** boy, this was before I discovered NES ROMs! What a complete world I was missing out on...