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Yesss.... that's right. Godzilla for NES... who likes this supreme game?

Paulos' Rank: 34- Godzilla- Platform: NES- Genre: Action

1988... PHEW... one of the if not oldest game on this list when it comes to age... remember Godzilla for NES? One of my first games but ALSO... with an extremely POWerful music/sound system for it's time, and a compelling storyline, it makes me wonder how Godzilla NES has been forgotten so easily. Well NOT on GameLegacies... Godzilla rips through the rankings at 34th place!

A buddy and I went through this game one day. We treated it like a two-player game and made it all the way to the very last boss. Unfortunately, we didn't conquer it that day. It was a blast acting like it was two-player though. I can't remember if I was Godzilla or Mothra though.

I do agree, this game is very fun. One of the things I find strange on it though are Nem-E-Ster Bunnies w/ no ears on the game. I also really hated the nuclear warheads that came after Godzilla. You had to really have you're gym shoes on to dodge those things!

WTH? Explain!

I remember hating those "nuclear warheads" too (they drained about 40% of your health, it seemed). I also wasn't very fond of the "plantlife in general".

I enjoyed playing as "Mothra". It seemed like I was playing as him most of the time because of the "shooter" type appeal.

'Godzilla' for NES is a decent game. It certainly has excellent graphics (very true to the monsters' likenesses). The soundtrack is good too.

As for "game play", it was a bit lacking. Every stage is pretty much the same thing repeated over and over again. The 'Neptune' stage isn't that much different from the 'Mercury' one. Just move to the right, destroy everything in your path, grab the 'POWer ups', don't take too much damage. Simple.
It is similiar to 'Altered Beast' in terms of action, with no complex jumping or platforming.

The worst offense of 'Godzilla' are the boss battles. This be the highlight of the entire game. Instead the programmers went for "cheapness" as a way to make them challenging.
Example: The fight with "Gigan". He pins you helplessly up against the left side (even though there isn't even a wall there) and you're stuck there constantly taking damage from his saw-blade thingy.
Example 2: "King Ghidora". Does the same thing as Gigan, but is more damaging, has a longer life meter, and is more annoying.
Cheap, cheap, CHEAP!

Had the monster one-on-one battles been handled better (not cheap) and the level designs had more variety, this would have been an excellent game. Instead it's just a slightly above average NES ROMp at best.

I give it a "6" on the NES scale.

(At least it's not like the GameBoy 'Godzilla' game though. That was truly atrocious.)

I played it and i thought it was alright. To me i thought the controlling could use some work but other than that pretty decent game id say. I never beat it though.

I got this game a few days ago and I hated it. I mean it's got a cool intro story and when you first look at it, it seems like its gonna be some type of strategy RPG...but then its like you gotta play these mini levels. When you face the enemy, you stand there forever just pressing, what is it, "a" button, and thats about the most strategy you need. But fair enough, I didn't really give the game a chance, mostly because I'm in the middle of other games and I was just testing to see if the thing worked.

Probably an echo to regulars of the forum, but this is what got me into NES collecting. Growing up with the game I don't doubt contributed to my love for it. I will admit there are drawbacks, such as the constant slowdown, but the repeatitive gameplay should be no shocker to any NES fan. It's a very straight-forward game with, although one musical score per level, very catchy and brilliantly composed music (Pluto theme is sweet). It's a game that you'll either love or hate, so give it a fair chance, something more than a 5 minute test run.