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There was a topic similar to this on NES Forums before it shut down. One of the admins (cdb 900) would leave detailed explanations for the glitches. I don't know explanations, but I thought it'd be cool to have a topic naming some of your favorite glitches.

One of mine is in The Guardian Legend. You can squeeze through the red brick walls no problem. This makes reaching a dead end less painful

I also like the one in Metal Gear where you can avoid fighting Super Computer altogether just by pressing right when entering the door to it. You bypass it and go straight to Big Boss. (Note: This pic doesn't have Super Computer on it, because I used the F*CKME 11blah code to get to it faster. The glitch still works while Super Computer is there, though.)

What are some of your favorites?

I dont really know any...

Perhaps the Mario Negative world trick in 1-2.
At the end of the level you break the second and third blocks from the pipe you go up to exit. And as Super (big) mario you stand at the left most edge of the pipe face left and jump to the right while facing the left.

It's not that tough, when done correctly you can walk through the wall.

^^I've actually only managed to do it once.

Now gather around little ones and I shall teach you the most secret of Double Dragon glitches. Now you will be able to get all your moves with little effort by the second level. Behold, the invisible man glitch.

Halfway through the second level in DD you will have to climb a fence to cross a chasm. Thrash the dude with the bat then take it if you wan't it. It really doesn't matter. Now walk to the next fence and climb down. When you reach the ground go the the right a few paces untill the two dudes start waking towards you then position yourself back at the bottom of the fence. Now this is important. in the background you will see some red steel I-beams. Wait until the top guy (ignore the guy on the lower area) reaches the of these I-beams and then start climbing the fence. The bad guys will stop where they're standing. Climb back up on the building and move back to the left as far as you can go (the screen will stop scrolling at the start of the first fence). Now go back to the right and climb down the fence. The two dudes will be gone. Start attacking the area at the top of the screen at the end of the steel I-beams where the bad guy was standing when you climbed back up the fence. It will be like your attacking an invisible enemy who will not die, move, or fight back. Now you can rack up all the points you need for all the moves. Now go make level 3 your bitch.

that Metal Gear one happened when i tried the Fucky Ducky Trick.

i can only achieve walljump in smb1 but this site is full of cool mario glitches.

Well, here's a .gif I made of the SMB Minus Worlds Glitch. I figured I might as well post it here:

While I was at it, I made the Double Dragon one that The Bishop was referring to. The file size is bigger than I'd like to post, so if you want to see it, click the link:

Also, I thought of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles glitch where you can jump out of your vehicle and make the other vehicles disappear on stage 3. This can be handy if there's one coming right at you, since it's tough to get off the shots to destroy one without using missiles:

I'm thinking of adding a Nifty Glitches section to my NES site since I've been making these I think I'll do that next update.

warping from one side of the screen to the other in Super Mario Bros. 1, done by revealing half of the vine block at the very left side of the screen in level 4-2, and running into the vine where you pop out at the other side.
i also like going through the very top og the castle in super mario64. the world is like inside-out, inside that room.