What was that game? Please help! (Solved)

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It was a 1 or 2 player game. It was a top-view game where you drive a tank, you could fire bullets or lob grenades at enemy tanks and buildings. Along the way of a mission you would pick up civilians or hosteges.

I vaguely remember large bosses, possibly tanks or fortresses at the end of a level.

The music was very cool too

"Tank" was not part of the title.

Turns out your in a jeep, not a tank. I'm sure many of you have played it, dust it off (or load it in your favorite emulator) and play it again... YEEAAAAAH!

I'm impressed, someone that knows how to edit a post...

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Yeah man, Jackal rocks pretty hard. Another game (speaking of tanks) that you might like is Iron Tank. It has really cool controls to it. It's a bit difficult, but is very fun. It's by SNK. Check it out sometime.