The Double Dragon Series

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We don't talk about this series much, so I thought it'd be nice to start a thread dedicated to it

I've been playing the third one alot lately. I still to this day can't beat the final boss. I get to her with all three of my guys, but just can't seem to defeat her. I really like this game though. It's alot of fun! Two-player is really cool, too. Locking arms when doing the spin kick, leaping off of your buddies' arms to do a jump kick, etc.

Anyway, does anybody have any tips on the last boss?

I haven't played the third one, but it seems to me that the original one just feels better than the second.

I also haven't played the third one, therefore Double Dragon II gets my vote.

I've only ever played the first. My local store has the second, it's pretty cheap. Is it worth getting?

Wow, it's been a while. The second one was fun, and I'd say it's worth getting. That's the one where they changed the attacks to Renegade style, right? (A attacks right, B attacks left)

I like the first one more than the others.

Hire the "Sombrero Guy" from 'Time Lord' to come and take her down.

It's your best bet.

On the topic of Double Dragon, I already had two copies of the original, and today my girlfriend calls and says that someone gave her two more copies... so if anyone needs one

I only played "1", so... my vote goes for that.

I voted number 2 but it's down to a nostalgia thing really. A friend and I used to play it all the time. The first one would be my second choice. I was a bit bored of the series by the time I got to the third one so haven't played it much.

At last, a dedicated thread regarding Double Dragon.
My vote was for Double Dragon III, infact it is my favorite game in the NES, no wait of all console.

For those, who haven't tried it, I strongly suggest that you give it a try.

to me, the most difficult thing was when she reappers from the bottom as fire. When ever she disapperas, always press down and by the time she reappears you will have avoided her.

Another tip is, always chase after her, that way she can't send you to the roof.

Good Luck!!

I was a bonified DD fanatic when I was a kid. Unfortunately 3 was a big disapointment for me. 2 just seemed so much more fun. Anyhoo, try using kicks on the snake lady when you can hit her. That's what seemed to work for me. Also does the NES files have a DD page? I would love to impart my secret wisdom of the invisible man trick (bug) to the world with an Nes emulator movie.

Double Dragon II gets my vote, but it's definetly biased, since I haven't really played Double Dragon&3.

i was always disapointed with Double Dragon for home. the 3 player arcade version was the best.