Trouble Starting Dragon Warrior

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I recently bought a Yobo Neo Fami, it plays great, but I can't get Dragon Warrior to start. Is it the Neo Fami? or is it just that the game is bad... All I get is a blank black screen, I don't know what to do.

Try cleaning the contacts on the game. To do this, you'll need a lint-free rag, cotton swabs (Q-Tips), and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. If that does not work and the game is clean then try it in an actual NES system. Hope this helps and good luck!

Didn't work...

do this: Turn the game upside down, and LOOK inside at the connectors on the GAME tself. I know you have already cleaned it, but i clean games, and there is still a great amount of oxidization or whatever it is called on them. If the contacts are gold, shiny, and look like heaven, it could be somthing wrong with your wannabe-nes, or somthing internal in the Dragon Warrior game. If you have already tried it on a normal nes, then just buy another copy of DW its a common game.

The contacts are gold and shiny, but I think there is a contact missing on the back right side of the cart, I only payed 5 for it, so its not a big loss, and I can return it, and get another one, and then another DW...

thats probably the answer then dude. You can usually pick up a copy of DW nice and cheap.

There isn't a contact on the right side (on the back) of my cart either, but it plays fine. If you have the tool to take the cart apart, do so and get a better look at the conectors. Even if there is just a speck of oxidation on one of them if could keep it from playing. I've had to take a knife and scrape the connectors on several carts where there was oxidization. They all ran fine after I got them clean.