Goonies II-help?

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i am currently playing Goonies II on nes. But i'm really stuck, i could use some help. I can't find the swimming suit in the green cavern or figure out how to save the third goonie. I won this game over a decade ago, and can't remember squat now but i'm haveing fun. If someone had some tips i'd be grateful if you shared them with me

Man, I haven't played that game forever. You reminded me that I haven't played that for my conquered list yet though... I'll come back to this post later...

You could always try this place:

Well, I finished the game, and if you're looking for the diving suit, I think you have to use the glasses in a room to make a door appear. I believe the rain coat was in the green cavern as well. As for the third Goonie that you have to rescue, I'm pretty sure they are in an ice cave.

thanks for tip about glasses. I'll try to use them, but i'm not sure how found the rain coat, thanks alot.

To use your glasses in the rooms, select the Tools menu. Press B and you can select to use the glasses.