How much do you hate the dog?

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Hey! I'm a little bored right now, so I thought I'd ask a little question to everyone here at this forum. How much do you hate the dog in DH, from a scale from 1-10? I didn't know that the dog was so hated all around the world, till now......
Personally, I'll give it a 10, for beeing so annoying!

I'd give it an 8. I hate how it always snickers when you miss a duck. What's the dog ever done to make him better than anyone else? I also dislike the fact you can't shoot the pest. It's almost as annoying as the "crazy frog" ringtone.

I think a 6 would do. He is annoying but i think it is funny when he cries when you get no ducks.

3. I don't hate the dog at all. It's unfortunate that he is so hated. He only laughs when you play poorly, so play better. When you hit ducks he holds up your kills.

He's annoying, but I don't hate the dog, so 1/10.


Hes not that bad.

Of course he laughs at you, but I love dogs, so 2/10.

Id have to rate it 8/10. it slows down my gameplay with his stupid laughing!

I don't hate the dog, but if you want to kill some dogs I recommend this .

Yeah, I've been to that site, it has been showed here at this site earlier. Really funny game though!

Only slightly... 3/10.

Although I generally tolerate the Dog, sometime's it bugs the crap out of me, so 4/10.

Did somebody say Dog?

Without the dog, Duckhunt just wouldn't be the same. The Dog is cool. I give it a 10/10 in cool-ness. Cool.


Yeah, admittedly the game wouldn't be the same without the dog.

Yeah, of course. It wouldn't be the same without it, but still, it's pretty annoying!

The dog is just nintendo's way of PISSING YOU OFF!!!!

but ill rate him a 8