Reactions to NES gaming

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When I play NES with my brother (always in competition, he and I) I noticed I react differently than my brother when it comes to losing. For example, when fighting in Double Dragon (Billy V.S. ) I kicked his butt , and he just shrugged, and said "round 2?" when I got my butt kicked, I grimmaced and said "EERRRGH."
I guess since he's not really into single-digit-bit gaming he doesnt sink into the game as much as I. depends. If I die/lose/whatever for a stupid reason (i.e falling down a hole) it's a loud "oooooooohhhhh!" but most of the time I just shake my head and try over.......

I normaly go.....hmmmmmmm O well, but if I'm playing against my brother in Tecmo Bowl, and he beats me by 3 points, its DANM!

i mostly just scream obscenites when i die. WHen i really far in a game, or do something stupid, i usually grab my controller cord about half the length of it, and swing my controller around the room hitting random objects for compensation.

My reaction depends on how many times I've died recently...

the first death is usually just a shrug sort-of thing. then it gets progressively worse until I either give up calmly, or throw the controller and turn the console off.

I curse the game, call it a bastard or SOB, and swear vengence upon it.

Depends really. Some days i just go hmmm and shrug it off. Somedays i go DAMN! And rarley i throw the controller and it comes out of the socket sometimes. But im trying to not get mad as much at things anymore.

For me it also depends on the situation, but the common reaction is damn.

These days I usually just shrug it off, but I have been part of the "throw the controller against the wall" brigade before. So I voted hmm.

I usually get mad easy. what can i say i get into the games(especially the 8-bits for sum reason...) and i hav a short temper. if there is anyone in the room i usually blame them and hit my keyboard(i use NES ROMs most of the time because before i realized how much i love NES i ... i dont know if i can say it... **sob**... i sold my NES... i know it is horrible. but the worst part is i only sold it for 15 bucks. enough about that. like i said i either curse under my breathe, yell at whoevers in the room or smack the keyboard.