NES has the most realistic graphics

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Really it's true, because any systems after that look like a movie or something that you just move around you know? Except maybe Super Mario World for Super NES which looks like an improved NES game or something which is cool. But do you know what I'm saying? Like I was playing SMB1 and you can tell it's all in YOUR CONTROL....

I know what you mean, but i dont know if "Realistic" is the word for it. But yeah, its alot easier to comprehend what is happening in a nes game when compared to newr games.

I think I know what you are getting at but it feels more like I am controlling a cartoon

Actually no. I think you're incredibly mixed up kiddo.
You might want to try reading from a different "dictionary" (or at least one that has the correct definition of the word "realistic").

Saying "the NES has the most realistic graphics" is like saying that the horse and buggy has the most precision handling, and saying that only because you like the horse and buggy more than a modern car.

I can understand "liking" the NES more than the more recent consoles for various reasons, but that particular reason is just foolish. Realism in graphics is simply not subjective (or at least it shouldn't be).
It's the other way around. The games that look like "movies" are actually "more realistic graphically" since they actually look more like .

The only real thing that the NES "graphically" has over more POWerful consoles is a better use of Contrast between the sprites and backgrounds. This is due to a smaller color pallete and less detailed (i.e. "less realistic") visuals.
Because of this high Contrast in most NES Games, it's when playing the game.


I might have wasted my time typing all of this since (judging by the title) this is probably a "joke thread".

If not, then congratulations!
You've just been burned.

The NES has better graphics because you have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. Take Marion in Double Dragon for instance. That is one hot babe. Not because I have a fetish for pixelated women (well actually I might, but we wont get into that) , but because I can imagine her to be any woman I desire and so can anyone else who's playing the game. New games are too realistic in you pretty much have to take what you're given. Then again game creators aren't really putting that many ugly women in games these days. And DOA 4 looks awsome. It almost makes me wan't an XBOX. So what I'm saying is......... absolutely nothing. Never mind.

I wouldnt say realistic per say. But id say i enjoy the graphics alot better on NES for some reason. Just has a certain feeling about it

Contra is REalistic one shot ur dead.