Bart VS The Space Mutants

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How do I spraypaint the "Keep Off" sign in the first level? I am 1 Goal off my mark and I am guessing the last is the sign.


I am not answering the previous queation, but how does The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants, compare with the version where Mr. Burns relatives are the enemies.
Which one is better.

I'm pretty sure you don't actually spray the sign. You jump onto the grass in front of it which will get a police officer after you. You have to spray him. That should do the trick if I remember correctly.

As for which game is better Vs Space Mutants or Vs The World?
My personal choice is for Bart vs the world. It's just more fun, and easier.
I never could beat Space Mutants.
Both can get frustrating. And if you're playing the World collect the gold krusty statue in each world it's worth it at the end of the game.

But Mutants has been getting better votes here:

Yeah what uglyjack said sounds familiar. There are a few more purple things in the level than you actually need so you will have missed some others too, not that it is important.

I prefered Mutants to World although I think they are both fun games. It's mainly a nostalgia thing because I used to play Mutants all the time on my friends Amiga. We could never get passed the second level. I've since completed it but only with the help of a game genie. I think both games main problem is the controls which can be a real pain on precise jumps.

I've beaten both and prefer World a bit more.

I think both games main problem is the controls which can be a real pain on precise jumps.

That is the only reason i didn't like Vs the world, but it seems that both games have the same problem

how do you beat the dinosaur at the end of level 4?? i cant seem to figure it out! help!

I haven't played it in a while, but I'm pretty sure you have to jump on his head. I think a tear drop appears from his eye when you do so. It's pretty tricky IIRC, because sometimes you can't hit him in the right spot.


I haven't actually been to far into either games. I have Space Mutants, and the jumps really piss me off so i never seem to make it past the second level.

If he has to spray all the purple objects in the game, he would have to spray his shorts as well, instead of eating them.