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Ok, in Shadowgate there is a room with fire on both sides and a door at the other end, the room is behind a mirror that I broke with the hammer. I can't figure out how to get across. I think I have to drop the sphere in the room to put the flames out, but when i go in the room it just says that it is too hot for me to stay in there, and before I can do anything it puts me back in the room with the mirrors. Does anyone know how I can get past this room.

Okay I am pretty sure you need the cloak to protect you from the heat. You get the cloak from the wraith room. If you need more help: .

Thanks for the help.

Don't you have to wear or drink something before entering room and then dropping the sphere. It's quite some time ago since I've played it.
Check, enough FAQs there for the game.

Yeah man, the cloak hahaha.

Funny, I swear I only saw the original post while typing that message. At least my memory served me right

I remember me and my friend playing Shadowgate years ago and pondering over the simplest things for hours at a time. We never did end up finishing that game. We often read too much into each problem and as a result ended up missing out on the simplest solutions.