what game is this @_@

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Ok i could be totaly off or wrong on this because i was like 2 when i got my nes, but i remember me and my bro playing a game 1-2 players. I think the cover of the game was orange? had 2 guys on front i think they were like....japanese type bald guys. one blue one orange. gameplay was like a set arena with blocks to go around and stuff. cant remember much else hope this is enough, or if i am anywhere near what the game really is lol

any feed back would be good

Karate Champ?


hm no, it was more like a rpg almost except no text, more just lvl 1 lvl 2 lvl 3 ect, dont think you character gains lvls, and it was cooperative not vs sorry i cant give more info ><

LOL OMFG as i type this i scroll down to submit and someone has sent me the
the name of the game in some screen shot game cover and i am really thinking thats it thanks ^^ i'll go try it out now!

HAHA my memory did not fail me! which is unusual >_> thou i guess i do have a good memory when it comes to video games lol anyways that the one lol me and my bro played it alot in the past, looks like we can do it again ^^ thx for the flash back, too bad i have to delete it after 24h o.o-b

Little Ninja Brothers right?
It's sort of a sequel to Kung Fu Heroes.