Three Eye Story (Solved)

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Has anyone heard anything about this game?? I have searched the net for it and found nothing... What gives? I can remember it is arcade/action game, main character is a three-eyed bald boy, his weapon is the third eye, he can blast bad guys with that. Cheers...

Does it look like that?

And? KishKiai? Is it the game?

Those guys... come around one time and aren't seen any more...

Although I'm not the original poster, can it really be another game? The game you posted match the description 100%

I'm quite sure that game matches the description well. But, you never know... maybe he also played some weird pirate or stuff...

Yes, yes and yes... That is the game. Sorry that i haven't posted a confirmation about your info (i found some info in an other place and forgot about this post). BTW i remembered that its international(english) translation was "Three Eye Story"


I can stop holding my breath now! Ha! Glad you had found out... I'll have to look into this game, looks like it could be a decent action game.

Cool to know that it was the one searched for.

I wonder if that's a good game. If yes, I should get it.

wut system is that for? it doesnt look like a NES game is it famicom? or does the famicom just take the normal NES Games only top-loaded?

It's a Famicom game. And yes, the Famicom is a toploader.

I knew it was a top-loader i meant does it play NES Games or do they look different

Famicom games are 60-pin, NES Games are 72-pin, they're different.

is it better to have more pins or less?

as far as i know it doesnt really matter.... the n64 has less pins than snes, snes less than nes, and i cant see how more pins would make anything worse..

Yeah, you can't say something's better just because of the number of pins. It really doesn't matter.