Where to buy games at?

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So i have come to a stop in my gaming right now and want some new games. But i cant seem to find any stores around me that sell them. I think ebgames and gamestop stop selling NES Games and i am not 18 yet so i don't have a credit card. So i can't order stuff online. So i was wondering what stores if any still sell NES Games? I live in Michigan just to let you know.

Ebay is a great place. Most games you buy there, the seller will allow you to pay buy money order. You can get a money order at CVS, or some other drug store. Also, if you have a Hollywood Video by you, you should see if they have a Gamecrazy, because they sell older games. Good luck.

Try goodwill, rummage sales, flea markets sometimes video stores sell them and pawnshops if you have some around.

Ya i have payed with money orders but the only bad thing is the time between when you send out the money order and when they get it cause they can't just ship it right away like you could if i was able to just charge it on a credit card. But i will just have to look around harder. Thanks for all the information guys. And feel free to keep posting more stores or ideas.

I'd second the Goodwill and other thrift stores. Not only is your money going for a good cause, they usually price all of their games the same. Four bucks is probably too much for SMB1, but you can also snatch up a Final Fantasy for that price.

Salvation Army is also a good place. They'll have a game priced 5 dollars, and you pull out 3 dollars, most of the time the person will say......."for you, I can make it 3 dollars. Works for me.

haha thanks to tell you the truth i have never been in a salvation army or goodwill i will have to check out the ones in my area. Now i need to buy SMB 1 because mine seems to be old and not workable.