Whats that game (Over head power kicks)

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What's the footy game were the players can do overhead "POWer" kicks, were the ball wiggles around, and even if it doesn't go in the net, you still score????

That's how I remember it anyway.

Is that Nintendo World Cup? I'm not sure. It's over ten years ago that I played that game.
I loved that game because of the funny facial expressions, when the players are fouled.

That's the won. Wow, screen shot as well. Cheers!

I'm going to go into town, to cash converters today and buy a NES!

Is that right, about the kicks, they wiggle around, does anyone remember how this was acheived?

I think you had to press A and B at the same time when the ball came to your player... I'm not sure though.

I usually position the "main character" near the center of the field, pass to a nearby team mate and have them head butt the ball back towards my "main character", then just before the ball gets there, press both 'A' & 'B' buttons, and watch him do a somersault "bicycle kick" which (if you have enough stamina) will cause the ball to fly in an unnatural pattern towards the Goal, knocking any opposing player who gets in the way, completely off the screen.

One time I beat France, 26 - 0 using this method, because I scored on nearly every possession.

It also depends on what team you use also. Japan isn't very good and sometimes don't do the special kicks, whereas Argentina can send the ball in orbit. There's also "special kicks" that can be performed anywhere on the field, but I'm not sure how to get them (the somersault kick works most of the time).

'Nintendo World Cup' is awesoime!

Your right. It's boss.

I'm going to buy a NES.