Whats that NES Game were you fly through the body???

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We used to play this when we were kids.

I remember you piloted a space ship i think (you could have two players), and you flew though what i remember as a body, shooting "things".

Sorry, dont know much more than that, but i want to play it again.

Gradius/Life Force?

Sounds like Abadox



Thanks for your replies. Im gunna download the games (need an emulator first). Ive looked at some screen shots. Life Force looks most promising up to now ... cant be sure though.

Right! Abadox would be more likely.

It's Life Force!!!!!!

Got it last night. Brings back memories! Yeah, I remember they were planes. Classy game. What does everyone else think.

I love it its in Gradius series so yeah love it.

I actually just beat that............with the code, but still, I had a blast and thats all that counts.

Yeah, over on VGChat there's this guy named Bazariah who maxed out the score on Contra... his next Goal is Life Force. I played it last night with the code to get warmed up and help myself remember alot of it. Conquered it with the code no probs... Without the code, I can't get by the fire level Yeah, that level is pretty tough. Fun game!

I'm taking up this challenge too. Unfortunately, I have yet to beat the game without continuing, let alone "maxing out the score".
In fact, I have yet to get the score high enough to where it fills the last digit.


Life Force is a hard game. no mercy from the guys who made this NES game. I've been playing it too. I like Gun.Nac better.

I can't get by the fire level either. The code won't even work on my cartridge. I'll have to get the NES ROM or something.

hmmm... I don't see why the code won't work on your cartridge. Are you doing it right?

Yeah, I haven't played it since, but that game is definitely hard. I see no way that I could ever even get that last digit to be greater than zero